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What our staff say

We believe Blue Star St Andrews is a great place to work and build your career. But don’t take it from us, read what some of our past and present staff have to say about changing career paths, working for similar companies, our ethos and values and the opportunities we have to offer.


Heather - Home Carer

"In the past i have worked as a nursing auxiliary in the community hospital, have been a carer for Fife Council and have worked full-time as a hairdresser. I would highly recommend Blue Star St Andrews as an employer - I love my job.  Lou has a background in mental health nursing and has so much knowledge and is very approachable. David has a strong background in care – they are both open to suggestion, up skilling and make time to listen to the team.  The training is on-going, it’s continuous. We are extremely lucky with the service users we assist and also the back up we have from David and Lou. Personally, I only work in evenings now, so it is preparing meals and giving clients medication. This is not a role with lots of heavy lifting, as people often think it is. I originally joined Blue Star as a cleaning/home help assistant and was encouraged to make the transition to the care side of the business as David and Lou could see this is where my strengths were - it has honestly been the best decision I have made."

Linda - Cleaning/Home Help Assistant

"I made a career change from working in retail with St Andrews Links Trust.  I heard about Blue Star when we they were my mum’s Care Package provider; on the days I am working I take people shopping, do general housework and take service users on outings.   I have one elderly lady that would never be able to get out and about without the support from Blue Star. David and Lou are always there to talk to, they are very approachable and supportive. I find the job very rewarding and the change in career has been refreshing"


Dawn - Home Carer

"I worked as a home carer for another company before joining Blue Star St Andrews and it is like chalk and cheese.  The previous company I worked for was horrendous - they had grown too big and you were just seen as a number, they really didn't seem to care about their staff or the service users. Blue Star is the complete opposite -  they really look after and understand the service users and their team members.  They lead from the top and are always ensuring everyone has everything they need to do a top class job. David and Lou are supportive, enthusiastic and encouraging.  They aren't afraid to get their hands dirty - they are very much part of the team. This is not a company, it’s a family."

We’re committed to the welfare of our staff and take pride in the high number who have been with us for many years. We believe this is in due to the satisfaction they gain helping others achieve their goals, combined with the personal satisfaction of developing their own career alongside colleagues who become life-long friends.

For more information about working for us you should follow the links below -



If however you want to note interest or just have a question about working for us please do not hesitate to call or email bluestarhomehelp@outlook,com.

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